Pillow Block Bearing Cover

Part # PBDSC-205HBL

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Pillow Block Bearing Cover

Pillow block bearing covers or bearing caps are for covering pillow block bearings.

ANSI/ASME B.15-1994/6, Section 3.2.1 recommends that bearing covers enclose all exposed rotating shafts.

A slot can be made in one side if a shaft protrudes on one side only. Slots can be made on both sides for a through shaft.

Pillow block bearing covers are usually fastened to the structure the bearing is attached to by the flange, drilling two holes in the flange and the underlying structure. It is advised to use self-tapping screws or nuts and bolts.


 A B C E E-1 K M
3 1/4"
3 1/8"
5 5/8"
3" 1 1/2" 1 7/16"



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