Magnetically Coded Sensor

Part # 13ESMCS1

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Magnetically Coded Sensor w/ Relay

Integration in control circuits up to category 4 in accordance with EN ISO 13849, Safety system in combination with an evaluation unit such as the MSI-MC310 safety relay or the MSI 100 or MSI 200 safety controller.

Housing Material: Plastic, Glass fiber reinforced (PPS), self-extinguishing

Hardware Included:  

(1) Magnetically Coded Sensor
(1) Safety Relay
(4) 10-32 x 3/8" SHCS 

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Coded Magnetic Sensor

Part# MC388-S1C5-A

The MC 3x coded magnetic sensor contains specially combined reed contacts that are contactlessly activated by the coded magnetic field of the actuator.

These sensors are exceptionally well-suited for monitoring of guards, particularly in rough, easily contaminated, or damp environments. The closed construction in a high-strength plastic housing also fulfills the highest demands on hygiene and robustness.

  • Monitoring of moving guards on machines with sufficiently short stopping times for demanding applications
  • For dusty or humid environments
  • High-strength plastic housing
  • Highly tamperproof
  • Designs for many different types of applications
  • PVC or PUR cable, M8 plug
  • Compliant with type 3 in accordance with ISO 14119:2013

Download Magnetic Sensor Application Information

Download Magnetic Sensor Operating Instructions

Safety Relay

Part# MSI-MC310

The sensor system consists of the MC3x sensor, the MC3xA actuator, and the corresponding MSI-MC3x Safety Relay.

The sensor contains a special combination of reed contacts that are contactless activated by the coded magnetic field of the actuator. For guards that are accessible from behind, a reset button (RES) can be connected to the MSI-MC3x for manual starting. Evaluation of the RES signal is monitored edge-dependent.

Download Safety Relay Data Sheet

Download Safety Relay Operating Instructions