Safety Relay

Part # MSI-SR4B-01

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Part# MSI-SR4B-01

The MSI-SR4B E-Stop relay is used as a connecting element between optoelectronic protective devices of type 3 or 4 as well as a sequential device for 1- or -2-channel protective-door and E-Stop monitors and the machine control. The safety relay is intended for installation on the DIN rail in the cabinet and is wired via the 16 terminals. All connection terminals are pluggable. The individual terminal blocks are mechanically coded to prevent swapping or skewed plugin.

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Part# MSI-MC310

The sensor system consists of the MC3x sensor, the MC3xA actuator, and the corresponding MSI-MC3x Safety Relay.

The sensor contains a special combination of reed contacts that are contactless activated by the coded magnetic field of the actuator. For guards that are accessible from behind, a reset button (RES) can be connected to the MSI-MC3x for manual starting. Evaluation of the RES signal is monitored edge-dependent.

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